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Coriander Microgreens

Coriander Microgreens


Intricate green leaves   20g

Harvest days
  • Flavour

    Sweet coriander aroma, slightly peppery

  • Nutrition

    High in cartenoids

    High concentration of lutein/zeaxanthin and violaxanthin

    Contain 3 times more beta carotene than the mature leaves

  • Health Benefits


    Decrease the risk of obesity


    Heart disease

    Promote healthier skin and hair

    Increase energy

  • Serving Suggestion

    Coriander microgreens are delicious added to scrambled eggs, in salsas and guacamole or on top of tacos, in curries or in dips

    Very often used in Mexican and Latin American cuisine

  • Storage

    Keep In the fridge in an open container
    Wash gently before use



  • Allergen Information

    Our microgreens are processed in a facility that also processes mustard

  • Delivery

    Please allow 8 to 10 days

  • Latin name

    Coriandrum sativum

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