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Pea Microgreens

Pea Microgreens


Grey-green coloured pea leave   30g

Harvest days
  • Flavour

    Mild pea-like flavour, nutty, slightly sweet

  • Nutrition

    Seven times the vitamin C of blueberries and eight times the folic acid of bean sprouts

    High in vitamin K, vitamin B1, B2, and B6

    A great source of Copper, Phosphorous, Folate, Manganese, Zinc, Folate, Niacin, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and Choline

  • Health benefits

    Pea microgreens help to prevent iron deficiency and therefore anaemia by providing a significant boost to the body. A single cup serving of pea sprouts offers 10% of the recommended daily allowance of iron. When combined with a balanced diet, pea microgreens can help to ensure that your iron levels remain in the optimum range.

    Anti-Aging Properties

    Weight Management

    Blood Sugar Regulation (Great for Diabetics)

    Heart Disease Prevention

    Reduces Bad Cholesterol

    Strengthens Immune System

    Increases Energy

  • Serving & Suggestion

    Excellent with strawberries or in a radishes salad

    Add pea microgreens to salad and stir fries or use it as a booster for a nutritious smothie

  • Storage

    Keep In the fridge in an open container
    Wash gently before use


  • Allergen Information

    Our microgreens are processed in a facility that also processes mustard.

  • Delivery

    Please allow min 10 days

  • Latin name

    Pisum sativum

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